The Best Nightclubs in Toronto Right Now

Toronto generally means “a place to come together” or “venue to meet” and that stands true with its numerous high-quality nightclubs that fully endorse the city’s message of friendly fun and engagement. These aren’t the run-of-the-mill trash bins boasting cheap music, dirty bathrooms, and constant brawls; these are the best locales to dance, drink, and party the night away.

Hard Rock Cafe Toronto

Every major city has a Hard Rock Cafe and for a good reason – every branch sports top-of-the-line rock performances and exquisite dishes. Hard Rock Cafe isn’t going to be the best place to dance through mind-numbing DJ tracks and fancy light shows but the food, the drinks, and the guaranteed rock music is perfect for those seeking social gatherings and good musical background instead of the bass-heavy beats of a typical club.

The rock cafe is found at Yonge Street and opens at 11 o’clock in the morning. It closes early during the early days of the week but starting Wednesdays it extends to midnight and eventually up to 1 AM.

Hard rock cafe in toronto

Cake Bar & Nightclub

Cake Bar & Nightclub is found along Adelaide Street and is one of the most prestigious places to party out at night. This is a nightclub oozing with class and style. There are two levels, each with their own dance floors, private VIP booths, and post-modern light and sound shows that truly show off the best that the city has to offer.

The nightclub also guarantees affordable drinks. There will always be $4 drinks and $100 vintage bottles, no matter how many people come and go. It’s a guaranteded

There’s also a dress code that restricts baggy pants, extremely low-waist pants, tank tops, and excessive jewellery. The Cake Bar & Nightclub is a place to have fun, not to get into trouble in so it is a perfect place for ladies. It’s safe, classy, and still loads of fun.


Then there’s Guvernment, one of the wildest party centres in the city. There’s no fancy lobby here, no high-class drinks, and no confusing menu – all you get is a wide 22,000 square-feet dance floor and state-of-the-art sound system accompanied by frantic coloured laser lights. This is the number one corner in Toronto to dance, get pumped, and lose yourself to the music.

The Guvernment prioritizes Hip Hop and R&B on Friday nights then switches to Trance, Progressive, and House music on Saturdays, guaranteeing everyone swings to their type of dance tracks. The place hosts a myriad of concerts as well, making it one of the first places to check out if you want to catch up with what’s new and hot.

How Can Locksmiths Help Your Bar or Nightclub Security Situation

There are basic steps you can take to secure your nightclub such as hiring bouncers and having trained personnel ready to break up fights or throw an unruly patron out. But to keep criminals away and prevent break-in attempts, you’ll need the help of a Toronto locksmith.

What a Locksmith Can Do for Your Bar

When people think of locksmiths the first thing that comes to mind is someone who helps you open locked doors, and it’s a service that will come in handy in case you lock yourself out of your club. They can also create duplicate keys for your bar, which also comes in handy in several situations.

But call any local locksmith in Toronto and you’ll see that they can do more than that. Locksmiths today can install full blown security systems in homes, commercial establishments and clubs. They’ll be happy to improve the locks yes, but you can also ask a locksmith to configure security cameras and alarm systems.

Hiring the services of a Toronto locksmith isn’t expensive either, and whatever amount you pay for will be compensated for the peace of mind you get. Sure you can install security alarms by yourself, but it’s different when a locksmith does it because he knows exactly where to place the equipment, and how it should be installed. In short, they know exactly what they’re doing.  We have had great experiences with Greater Toronto Locksmiths, their services have worked well for us.

In addition, locksmiths are capable of installing fire and smoke alarms too so you need not worry about a fire hazard suddenly breaking out without warning. But more than anything else, a locksmith serves as a deterrent to would-be criminals. Crooks know if a nightclub’s well-secured or not, and if they see that your bar’s security system was installed by a professional Toronto locksmith, it will make them think twice about even attempting a break-in.


How to Prepare for a Night Out in Toronto

Planning to spend the night out in the city of Toronto? The city is one of the most densely populated areas in Canada and is also the home of many different tourist attractions. Getting around and having fun takes more than just walking out the hotel and flagging a cab however – you’ll want to plan it through and here are some tips to make sure you have a fun night out.

Know the Hot Spots

Tourists often make it a point to visit spots like the CN Tower, the Royal Alexandra Theatre, and the Toronto Zoo. Hot spots also include the Greektown, the Hockey Hall of Fame, and the shopping districts are all great to visit. If you’re looking for fun night life, however, you’ll need to know more than the staple tourist spots.

Make sure to read up on some of the best clubs, pubs, and bars. Toronto is home to many LGBT-friendly party spots and is also home to some iconic bars like Hard Rock Cafe Toronto, Cake Bar and Nightclub, and Velvet Underground. Bar 244 looks nice and simple during the day but on the weekends it turns into one of the most visited nightclubs in the city.

Plan for Events

Toronto is a city filled with events, from concerts to festivals and charity parties. A lot of Hollywood movies shoot in Toronto to cut down on costs and you could plan your night out to catch a few famous Hollywood stars.

There’s the Canadian Music Week, the Hot Docs International Documentary Festival, Pride Toronto Festival, the Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade, and the Oktoberfest amongst so many other events to party out at.

Toronto Nightlife

Commuting Around Toronto

The next thing you should prepare for a night out in Toronto is the means of travel you’ll take. Whether you’re alone or with a group of friends, there is a plenty of public transportation options in the city to take. The most convenient for the most part are the two main subways.

The Yellow Line will run north-south while the Green Line will take you east-west. It’ll cost you $3 (CAD) for a ride so it might be better to get a day pass or week pass, especially if you are planning to go bar hopping across each side of town.Your next best option is to get a streetcar or a bus. They will go wherever the subways can’t. This gives an option in case the rail line won’t immediately take you where you want to go. Ladies do have the freedom to get off anywhere, especially after dark, so take that in mind in case you’re being escorted by an unruly driver.

Have Fun

Toronto is one of the most visited North American cities for a reason: it’s a fun place to party at! There are a lot of clubs and bars, numerous events to visit, and it isn’t difficult to get around. Just make sure to know what you’re getting into, where it is, and the proper transportation to get there and your night out won’t stumble into any problems.